Spiritual Practices

What comes first: meditation or energy work?

Outsourcing Spiritual Work?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “outsource” much of our spiritual work? To (solar) angels, ascended masters, beings from other spheres/planets, and autonomously running energy processes?

According to some teachings, that is possible. “Vortex Healing” and the “Spirit Unfold Network” (S.U.N.) certainly point in that direction.  S.U.N. offers more than 200 courses for that. To receive attunements, transmissions and initiations.

But Irving Feurst, founder of S.U.N., does recommend meditation too:

“The S.U.N. Network considers meditation to be the key foundation of daily practice
— which then can be supplemented with energy work

That quote comes from the S.U.N. website and is repeated in all their newsletters. Most recently in their “Triannual Newsletter of Transformational Workshops, September, October, November, December 2019”. So apparently it’s important.

You can find similar quotes by Irving Feurst elsewhere on the S.U.N. website and in his book “Energy Blessings From The Stars – Seven Initiations”:

“The great spiritual traditions emphasize that energy work comes second in importance, after the hard work of traditional classical meditation.”

“What is by far most important for everyone: meditating.”

“Meditation helps manifest our own inner divinity — that spark of God that is in all of us.”

“The most important means to speed up our spiritual growth, are meditation and energy work, in that order…”

Classical meditation practices

“We refer here to classical practices such as mantra, breath, or mindfulness meditation.”

“I refer to classical meditation that can have many forms – Vipassana meditation, mantra meditation, special breathing processes, etc.”

“One can also meditate through physical movement or with sound.”

“Again I want to emphasize that, when I speak about meditation, I mean a rigorous, liberation-oriented practice, and not guided meditation or enveloping yourself with white light…”

“The most important way how we work with awareness is through meditation”.

“I think that people in the New Age movement don’t meditate enough and that they often call things meditation that could better be called visualization…”

“Nothing replaces the hard discipline of classical meditation.”

“When I say this, I’m not trying to preach; it’s simply that I would like to see that people receive the gifts that real meditation brings…”

“Recall how often it has been said in S.U.N. classes that regular meditation – meaning a classical, liberation oriented practice – is even more important for your spiritual growth than regular energy work.”

Restructuring bodies & energy flows

“Meditation not only restructures the physical, emotional and mental bodies – what gives you more immediate benefits – but also restructures the causal body.”

“Restructuring your causal body is essential for your spiritual evolution.”

“Meditation is really the key to everything. It is both the most important key to spiritual growth and an important key to influencing the energy flow through the body.”

“D.K. tells us that in the future people will find many physical changes, caused by meditation, that will transcend much of what we know.”

“The way to change the subtle bodies, as I’ve said before, is via energy work and meditation.”

“Meditation is also crucial for the development of the pineal gland, that grounds subtle energies and integrates them in the physical body.”


“Whatever method one uses, it is of crucial importance that it involves a process of surrender.”


Although S.U.N. offers many (a few hundred) ways to receive attunements, initiations, and transmissions from stars, solar angels, ascended masters, etc. all these quotes show that individual meditation appears to be very important.

But of course these are (just) Irving Feurst’s opinions and beliefs. Decide for yourself what works best for you.

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After extensive investigation, the above tips were put together by me, Robberto Bos.
I don’t recommend anything else then doing your own testing/experimenting/questioning.
I don’t benefit from anything described, and don’t claim any authority, or further knowledge on the subject.