Spiritual Practices

Should I get involved with the Spirit Unfold Network?

How to decide?

The Spirit Unfold Network (S.U.N.) offers more than 200 spiritual courses (remote/online/cd/in person). On very special topics. It can be a challenge to decide whether you want to get involved or not.

“Be sure to do your own due diligence investigation when deciding whether to pursue any energetic (or other) practice.” – John Conaway.

That’s what I did, and based on my investigations you’ll find some tips below, that hopefully make it easier to choose. Texts below in italics are literal quotes from the S.U.N. itself, from their website, newsletters or book.

Try the initiations from the book?

Energy Blessings from the Stars – Seven Initiations 

Get that paperback by Irving Feurst (an e-book version available in Dutch/Belgian only). It gives detailed instructions on how to receive 7 free initiations. Each of which takes approximately 75 minutes. There has to be at least a week between each of them. After these initiations, you can see whether or not they benefit you in some way and want to continue.

How about taking the S.U.N. test?

“The World of Angels Take this Test

Our workshops are designed to be of benefit to anyone, but to see if you are one of those who will get the most from them (or if the angels are advising you to do one), take this simple test. Many of the very powerful angels S.U.N. works with have agreed to help anyone who sincerely does this.

  1. Take five minutes to prepare yourself for the steps below. Relax. Examine your motives for working with angels. Release any preconceptions you have about working with angels. Be open to new experiences!
  2. Ask the angel to take five minutes to introduce itself to you and to reveal itself to you in whatever way is most appropriate for you. Don’t expect the angel to materialize in the room; this seldom happens. Instead, the angel may send you a mental image. The image need not look like a traditional angel; it could take whatever form is right for you. Or you may sense the energy field of the angel. Or just feel a presence, perhaps in your heart. The angel may send you information, but leave it up to the angel to decide if this is best.
  3. Ask the angel to do five minutes of whatever energy work is most appropriate. Let the angel decide what is best.
  4. If you have a significant experience in either step 2 or step 3, you are particularly likely to benefit from a S.U.N. work-shop. If you’re not sure what to make of the results, contact your nearest S.U.N. teacher with your questions.”

Get some free transmissions at home?

Every Sunday at 9 o’clock (your local time) in the morning and evening you can “tune in” to a group energy transmission of all the S.U.N. teachers. And every Monday at 9 o’clock (your local time) in the morning and evening you can “tune in” to an energy transmission by Irving Feurst. These transmissions last 15 minutes. Here you can read more about them.

“If tuning in, try it weekly for 3-6 months and notice any changes”.

Try an audio/video transmission?

On July 06, 2019 there was a SUN demo and Q&A for members of the Perfectly Okay community. They can watch the video: here. Or listen to the audio: here. Transmissions or attunements begin: Huna at 0h 12m, Drisana at 0h 23m, Heartlight at 1h04 m, Miraculous Vessels at 1h 18m.

Which class to take first?

“Read the Huna, Drisana and Miraculous Vessels descriptions. Does your intuition guide you towards one or the other?”

Still not sure?

“Still not sure? Attend a free Experiential Introduction, or call a teacher in your area to receive an energy sample while you are on the phone.”

How easy this is, depends on where you live. California counts 22 teachers, Europe has 4. See their teacher directory.

Still undecided?

“Still undecided? Start by taking either: 

1. “Working with Your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection” ($ 65). This helps one connect with one’s Higher Self. “Learning to work closely with your guardian angel is one of the most important and life-changing steps you can take. This workshop contains specific information useful to everyone, from those who aren’t convinced yet they have a guardian angel to those who are already expert at this kind of work and are ready to learn methods previously available only in certain mystery schools.” Or:

2.  “Your Rainbow Heart”.  ($ 55) This helps open one’s heart. “An extraordinary new energy system with activatable attunements for developing seven key qualities of the heart: love, joy, compassion, courage, zest, faith and serenity. These beautiful, deeply fulfilling rainbow energies can be used for yourself or up to a roomful of others. The system comes from Tara, the Tibetan benefactress.”

.. Examine your motives for working with angels. Release any preconceptions you have about working with angels. Be open to new experiences!

How to evaluate your experiences?

  • Maybe similarly to how you evaluated other FC practices?
  • Does anything “happen” during the initiations or attunements? Energy flows? Deepening? Opening? Insights? 
  • Is that different from – or similar to – what happens during your normal meditations or relaxations?
  • Does it increase your awareness, energy, wellbeing, etc.?
  • Do you get connected somehow with intended stars/masters/angels/energies/information?

Like in the FC: some methods work for some people, some don’t. Find out what kind of initiations, attunements, healings, transmissions work (and doesn’t work) for you, and how.

  • on your own? or in a group?
  • in an online meetup?
  • distant/remotely? or in person?
  • from a book? from an audio cd? from a video recording?
  • none?

Are you willing and able to invest some money?

S.U.N. offers more than 200 courses/attunements/initiations. Prices start at $76. But if you get inspired, or stimulated by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you may have to pay much more. E.g. the first “Drisana” is $350, but if you take all 7 Drisana levels, you pay $3,450.

Are you willing to practice the required “homework”?

“The S.U.N. Network considers meditation to be the key foundation of daily practice”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “outsource” all our spiritual work to solar angels and other beings? But Irving Feurst believes that daily practice of meditation is needed… See: What comes first: meditation or energy work?

Are you open to their model?

“In S.U.N. we use the Theosophical model.”

That model was developed and described by different people (not all in harmony with each other) who said they were in contact with higher beings. If you want to know more about the model, you could do some reading, and then decide: do you like the model? Or can you at least be open to it?

The most prominent theosophical figures: Helena Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, William Quam Judge, Bhavani Shankar Ganesh, Alfred Sinnett, Allan Octavian Hume, Geoffrey Hodson, Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Helena & Heinrich Roerich, Jiddhu Krishnamurti, Rudolf Steiner, Benjamin Creme, all deceased, and now Irving Feurst. The higher beings are called: Himalayan Brothers, masters, adapts, mahatmas, energies, angels. Some names: Maha Chohan, Djwhal Khul (D.K.), Morya, Kuthumi or Koot Hoomi, Maitreya, T.K., etc.

Want to go for it?

If you have decided that you want to get involved with S.U.N., but can not figure out where to start: John Conaway had great experiences with S.U.N. and provided very handy information for members of the online Perfectly Okay community.

After extensive investigation, the above tips were put together by me, Robberto Bos.
I don’t recommend anything else then doing your own testing/experimenting/questioning.
I don’t benefit from anything described, and don’t claim any authority, or further knowledge on the subject.