My unneccessary life (hi)story

You don’t need to read this.

  • This body-mind system was born as the grandson of a policeman, son of a navy officer and navy woman. Tried to follow their paths after high school: police and military training. Immediate challenge then: how to get out of those environments a.s.a.p… Never had a “normal” job. Worked as Transcendental Meditation teacher, pr-officer, freelance journalist, writer, editor, jobless jobhunter, vocational astrologer, alternative career counselor, improvising clown in children’s hospitals, teacher of  kung/qigong/mindful movement.
  • Survived childhood diseases, warts, pimples, ticks, broken wrist, school classes, furuncles, falls from judo/bikes/motorcycle, circumcision, weird diagnoses (restless legs syndrome, bursitis, glandular fever, cluster headache, etc.), mosquitos, out-of-body experiences, computer crashes, love stories and divorces. Plus more than 20 relocations (in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland).
  • Don’t have a car, but do have a public transportation discount card, folding bike without a saddle, scooter (kickbike) with large wheels, sporty recumbent trike, backpacks, healthy legs, and several pairs of barefoot shoes, some with 5 toes.
  • What did I want most, from the time as a little boy to very late adult – dreaming, climbing trees, playing Robin Hood in the wood, canoeing at East Sea, fighting pirates/robbers/dragons, riding a wooden horse and old motorbike, staring over the East Sea/North Sea/Atlantic, clowning around? To be free. Really. Being. Free.
  • In spite of (or after) all that: the essence, awareness, is still exactly the same as it always was. Same timelessness, same space, same Here Now.

So the whole story looks like a joke.