Meditation and Vortex Healing

What’s the role of meditation in Vortex Healing?

Ric Weinman (the founder of Vortex Healing) is less outspoken than Irving Feurst (of the Spirit Unfold Network) about the need of meditation. He even warns against it in a certain way. Let’s start with that.

Warning: Don’t get fixated!

Ric Weinman warns extensively against getting fixated in a meditation practice:

“A problem does arise, though, when the ego thinks that its practice is going to create the awakening rather than just take it to the door. Believing that the practice will create the awakening, the tendency will be to get fixated in the practice.

Fixations can make consciousness very closed, whereas awakening tends to happen more in openness and stillness. That’s why awakening sometimes happens after a person has been intensely practicing and then stops. The intense meditation ripened them but created a fixation, and then stopping relaxed that, allowing the openness needed for the awakening to emerge.

When it happens in this way, it may make the awakening seem random, but the earlier work had made the person ripe.

Whatever awakening is, it is an unknown to the ego. A spiritual practice is a known. Fixating in a spiritual practice is fixating on the known. When one is ripe enough for awakening, what is needed is an alignment with and opening to the unknown. For that, the ego needs to recognize that it really just doesn’t know. It doesn’t know what awakening is and it doesn’t know how to get there. Fixating harder on something that is known won’t open the door to the unknown.

Remember that if one thinks that it is the meditation practice itself that will create awakening, there will be a tendency to fixate on the practice. Although this kind of fixation can be useful to get you to the door of awakening, it isn’t so useful for knocking at the door.

The Divine sits in the place of Mystery within the deepest part of your being. When you are meditating in a fixated way, you are wrapping yourself up with the known and closing your consciousness. The deeper you meditate like this, the deeper you go into the known and the bigger the gap to open yourself to the unknown.

For instance, if you are meditating with a photo, rather than fixating on the freedom or love there and trying to hold it in your focus, you would simply open to it, to wherever it will take you. You won’t know where it is going, but you open to the unknown of it. You can apply this idea to whatever form of meditation you are doing.

Opening to the unknown is an opening towards the Divine. It makes you truly available, and that availability is very attractive to the Divine. If you create a space in which the Divine can go deep with you, it will be attracted to do that.


Ric’s warning against fixation relates to the opinion of Irving Feurst of the Spirit Unfold Network:

Whatever (meditation) method one uses, it is of crucial importance that it involves a process of surrender.”

While keeping that in mind…

In his 4 books Ric does describe the advantages and practices of special meditative practices.

Your Hands Can Heal: Learn to Channel Healing Energy(1998) contains a chakra meditation.

Breaking the Illusion: Tools for Self-Awakening (also published as One Heart Laughing”) (1991) gives 30+ detailed meditative awareness exercises.

Awakening through the Veils: a Seeker’s Guide (2013) contains practical description of specific meditations for: living from awakening, accessing awake space, starting from awake space, living from awake space, and the emptiness of thoughts & feelings.

Vortex Healing: a Magical Path of Healing and Awakening (2015) says:

“Meditations can be an important part of the healing process, and different meditations are valuable for different purposes. In the Basic/ Foundational class, we teach several different meditations. This enables the student, through meditation, to facilitate any of these movements: (a) to relax out of the movement in their consciousness, so they can rest deeper in their natural inner being, (b) to help bridge their awareness into their issues, which helps the issues to release, (c) to de-stress, which naturally helps improve health, (d) to open their “spiritual heart”, and (e) to bring in divine presence, which creates more opening on a deep level, helps to awaken issues, and helps to deepen the relationship with Divinity.”

Below some quotes on meditation from his Awakening book:


“I used to be able to get high on the bliss that I could generate with certain kinds of meditation… If what you’re after is bliss, find a meditation that will generate it for you, and bliss yourself out until you get bored with it.

Fine-tuning the system

“Various kinds of regular meditation also help the energy system—by fine-tuning the nervous system, by releasing emotional conditioning that impacts the energy system, and through bridging awareness into the system in general.”


“Have you done much meditation or other spiritual practices? …You cannot awaken until it is time, until you are ‘ripe’ for it. …You could have created a lot of that ripening in this life through meditation and spiritual practices…”


“…Accumulated baggage of conditioning can be released to some extent by meditation and various healing practices… If someone is awake and has a deep enough relationship with the Divine then some of these (karmic) influences may be able to be cleared by focusing on that in meditation.”


“When you meditate, even if your meditation cannot directly open the door to awakening, it can bring in the Divine. If you go deep into yourself with the Divine, the Divine will go deep with you, and if the Divine goes deep enough with you, it will wake you up. There are different ways that you can meditate with the Divine (or freedom or Mystery).

“If you do meditation at home, ripening will generally go faster if you are meditating with the Divine in some form.

“Different lineages work with different kinds of meditations, which create different kinds of movements in the energy and consciousness of the participants.”

Getting rid of karma knots

“This is how I moved the rest of my own karma knots. I was very focused on it, meditating a couple of hours a day with the Divine. If you develop some facility with the process and are as focused with it as I was, you could probably do this in as little as 6 months. Although most people don’t have that kind of time or focus, this gives you an idea.”

“Once the last karma knot is lost, the process is the same for deepening to the 14th E/ C Movement: meditate with an avatar, whether alive or not, or with a living, awake karmic being. In the meditation, you align what feels most free in your heart with the freedom you sense within the being you are meditating with.”

Ric also teaches mantra meditations.


To me – but who am I? – it is clear that the practice of meditation appears to play an important role in the Vortex Healing system – at least for awakening. As long as one doesn’t get fixated on any method and outcome.

Of course all the above are (just) opinions and beliefs of Ric Weinman, Irving Feurst and me. Decide for yourself what works best.

After extensive investigation, the above tips were put together by me, Robberto Bos.
I don’t recommend anything else then doing your own testing/experimenting/questioning.
I don’t benefit from anything described, and don’t claim any authority, or further knowledge on the subject.