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Italy: houses for 1 euro?

Want to buy a house for 1 euro? It appears to be possible in some Italian villages:

  • Sardinia (Sardega): Montresta, Nulvi, Ollolai (one of the world’s longevity “Blue Zones”).
  • Sicily (Sicilia): Bivona, Cammarata, Gangi, Mussomeli, Patti, Regalbuto, Salemi, Sambuca, San Pierro
  • Other areas: Bisaccia, Borgomezzavalle, Candela, Cantiano, Caprarica di Lecce, Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Lecce nei Marsi, Locana, Molise, Montier, Patrica, Taranto, Zungoli

Usually, you will be obliged to restore the house within 1 to 3 years. In some areas (e.g. Borgomezzavalle, Locana) you receive financial support when you start a business (up to € 25,000 in Molise) or get a child.

Not all websites about this are trustworthy, and not all offers recent. So do your own internet research and be careful.

Recent articles: “You can still buy $1 homes all over Italy” and “Another Italian town is selling dozens of $1 homes

A very nice publication about real experiences:
We bought a $1 house in Italy. Here’s what happened next.

And a down to earth publication about “The real costs of buying a house in Italy as a foreigner”.

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