My interests

  • Awareness, consciousness, non-duality, advaita, self-inquiry, deconditioning, meditation, mindfulness, trance, positive psychology, learning to let go & surrender
  • Facilitating Finders Course
  • Awareness through movement & embodiment  (qigong/chi kung, yoga, feldenkrais, mentastics, synchromethod, systema, mindful movement, chi walking, somato respiratory integration, buteyko, poi, biodanza, massage, etc.)
  • Playing, improvising, experimenting, investigating
  • Sex & tantra (what..?)
  • Acting as sparring partner or test person
  • Chanting, humming, singing, body percussion
  • Walking, hiking, biking (recumbent trike)
  • Writing
  • Nature, silence, quiet islands
  • During the winters: enjoying warmer regions (Canary Islands, Southern Spain, Portugal?)
  • Vegetarian health food